Age related hearing loss clinical trial sites: find out more about the new Autifony Therapeutics age related hearing loss clinical trial

Age Related Hearing Loss: Clinical Trial – Sites

The following sites are now open and are recruiting in the US. For further information about taking part in our Age Related Hearing Loss clinical trial please contact the site nearest to you using the contact details below.


Contact Details

University of South Florida, Tampa, 

FL, United States

Dr Robert Frisina, PhD

Phone: 813-974-1262

Jean Brown Research, Salt Lake City,

UT, United States

Dr Justin Gull, MD
Phone: 801- 261-2000

Long Island Jewish Medical Center,
New Hyde Park, NY, United States
 Andrea Vambutas, MD


Phone: 718-470-7974​

Colorado ENT & Allergy, Colorado Springs, CO, United States  J. Lewis Romett, MD


Phone: 719-867-7810​

Sacramento Ear, Nose and Throat, Sacramento, CA, United States  Kevin McKennan, MD.


Phone: 916-736-3399 x1042 ​

Piedmont Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates, Winston Salem, NC, United States

 J. Lucas Inman, MD


Phone: 336-768-3361

Ear, Nose and Throat Assoc. of South Fl.
Boca Raton, FL, United States​  

Mark Widick, MD


Phone: 561-939-0104​

University of Mississippi, Dept of Otolaryngology and Communicative Science, Jackson, MS, United States
Dr. Victoria Gonzalez, PhD
Phone: 601-984-4550

Mayo Clinic, Dept. of Cochlear Implants/Paediatric Audiology, Rochester, MN, United States Dr. Douglas Sladen, PhD
Phone: 507-266-1965 
Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, Nashville, TN, United States Dr.Robert Labadie, MD, PhD Email:;

Phone: 615-936-2493 ​/ 615-322-0333
University Of Louisville, Clinical Trials Unit, Louisville, KY, United States Dr. Jill Preminger, PhD


Phone: 502-852-7691 / 502-813-6592
PMG Research, Wilmington, NC, United States Dr. Michael Parker 
Phone: 910-815-6108 / 910-799-5500
QPS MRA (Miami Research Associates), Miami, FL, United States  Dr. Thomas Wade                                        Email: ;     
Phone: 305-598-3125 / 305-279-0015 ext 4998